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Tell us how you want to transfer money and to whom. We’ll ask you to specify the receiving country, currency and delivery method. You can send money to another person, yourself, or in most cases a business (not all countries allow you to send money directly to a business – you can check the rules in your chosen destination country when setting up your beneficiary’s profile).
Tell us the amount of money you want to send and how you’re funding the transfer.

The answer is absolutely yes! Dollar East is a licensed and authorised payment institution (reference no 579306) regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and supervised by HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) so we offer the same security standards as any commercial bank.

Dollar East’s fees are significantly lower than those of banks or other money transfer services – in some cases up to 90% lower. The exact fee will depend on where you’re sending money to and from, and by which method.
There are no hidden fees with Dollar East – we’ll tell you the total cost of your transfer, including the exchange rate, before you press the ‘send’ button.

You can pay using your debit card or you can transfer funds directly from your bank account to Dollar East’s account using online banking.
All the details you need for this payment method are sent to your registered email address once you’ve selected this option and successfully created a transaction.

To prevent money laundering or other illegal activities, Dollar East applies preventive procedures in accordance with HMRC and FCA rules. For this reason, we may ask you to send or upload a copy of your personal ID card or passport, proof of your address or proof of income source.

The documents accepted as a proof of address include: bank statement, utility bill (electric, gas, water, telephone landline, council tax), copy of UK driver's licence (if not used for identity confirmation), lease agreement, and home, car or life insurance. The proof of residence must have been issued no more than three months ago.

This verifies the amount of your income. As proof, you can submit a bank statement showing regular income deposits, such as a salary, or other income, or a bank statement showing a single or various large deposits, such as from the sale of a house, a car or other property, an insurance benefit, a bank loan, an inheritance or other proof. You can also provide a savings account statement showing regular or one-time income.

This message means that your document has been received and will be approved in 24 hours.

Save documents in .JPEG, .PDF or .PNG format. The size of your attachment should not exceed 2MB.

For the security of your transfer, it will be delayed until you provide us with the specific documents for the authorization of your payment.

We will need your name and e-mail address.

Enter the beneficiary's name, as listed on their ID document, phone number and the payee's International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for bank transfers.

First of all, try logging in by clicking the “Forgot my password” button and follow the instructions. If you are not able to retrieve your password, for some reason, call the Customer Service Centre.

No. Other people cannot use your customer number. They should register as a new customer to start using Dollar East services.

If you have made online money transfers, you will see all your payments and their statements in your payment history.

No. Unfortunately, you can only pay for an online money transfer with a debit card.

This may happen for several reasons: you are using a non-debit bank card; your specified address does not match the address where the card is registered; or your bank has not activated online payments.

If you have made your money transfer and paid for it by bank transfer, as soon as we receive it in our bank account and according to the specific cut-off time, money will reach the payee on the same or next business day.

There is no maximum limit when sending money with Dollar East as long as you can meet the compliance requirement

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